April 3, 2018

We could build the part properly and did run the program (dry run) during the centre lunch. But we faced with another issue. If we pause the lay-up process ( using either of these options: stop at the end of Band or Ply) and then try to continue, the system gives us error (“JT9 position mismatch after RSET”) and we have to reset the PC (see the attached the screenshot). After resetting the PC if we want to continue from previous band or ply we will face with the same error. So we have to start from the beginning (ply 1, band 1). Could you please let me know how can we fix this issue?

We will look further into this.  At the moment I don’t see anything that should have changed the way that this function operates.  Is it possible […]
April 3, 2018

Is it possible to use our 4 tow feed system but just feed two tows during the lay-up process?

Using the 4 towhead: Currently, you can use less than 4 tapes at a time. In order to do this, again go to the part configuration […]
March 28, 2018

How can we change the speed limit in console? In the manual it is mentioned that the speed override should be set to 100%. Is that lay-up speed? What are the minimum & maximum lay-up speed for our AFP machine. Currently by changing HGT temperature & load I am trying to optimize the quality of fabricated samples; So, I was wondering to know that is it possible to change the lay-up speed?

The desired processing speed can be set for each ply of material individually. Open the part in FPM, and press the “Configure” button: This will open […]