NSW Chief Scientist visit to AMAC

$260M CRC Centre – SoMAC – Development of next generation composites for future
May 29, 2022
Australian Assistant Minister for Trade & Manufacturing visit to AMAC
January 17, 2023

NSW Chief Scientist visit to AMAC

Australian Federal Education Minister Hon. Jason Clare MP, along with UNSW Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Attila Brungs visited the Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites (AMAC) Centre. AMAC Centre Director, Professor Gangadhara Prusty led the tour of AMAC explaining the capabilities in manufacturing and testing of advanced composites with the various applications in aerospace, naval, civil, automobile, biomedical, transportation and energy storage sectors.

Prof. Attila Brungs explained the impact of one of Automated Manufacture of Advanced Composites (AMAC) Centre’s dental composites CRC-P project on upskilling the existing workforce and creating new jobs in the manufacturing sector.

Prof. Gangadhara Prusty Prusty gave a brief snapshot of the $260M SoMAC CRC (https://somaccrc.com/) involving the multilevel collaboration of 29 industries and 7 universities creating over 1,500 jobs and adding $8.3B to the Australian economy.

This visit boosted and inspired the AMAC research team.