Visiting Researchers

Piotr Jabłoński

Exchange Research Student

Project Title: Development of computational system for MMC coatings.
Abstract: this research assumes development of system that would be useful in design and development of metal-matrix composite coatings. During study, finite element model for composite coatings concerning contact loads and thermal stresses will be developed and validated. What is more, independent computer software together with GUI will be developed for output data visualization and processing. Whole study is interdisciplinary, as it incorporates areas of computational mechanics and software development.

University: Poznan University of Technology (Poznań, Poland)
Scholarship: PANTHER - Pacific Atlantic Network for Technical Higher Education and Research
Supervisor: Professor Gangadhara Prusty
Duration of stay: 13/11/2017 - 12/05/2018

Grazyna Ryzinska

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Project Title: Evaluation of the influence of hoop fiber to axial fiber ratio (H / A) on the amount of absorbed energy in the process of the axisymmetric tube compression in dynamic conditions.
Abstract: Recently, there has been considerable interest to incorporate composite crashworthy structures in the aerospace and automotive industries. Crashworthiness is typically defined as the ability of a structure to absorb energy in a collision or an impact, and survive; in the case of a passenger vehicle, this would be the ability to ensure the survivability of the occupants. Well-designed composite crush structures can absorb significantly more energy per unit mass than metals. The crushing tests of samples with use of various hoop fiber to axial fiber ratio in dynamic conditions are planned in this work. Unidirectional prepreg and plain carbon prepregs of various weights will be used in the study. Made research may allow for significantly increasing in transport safety.

University: Rzeszow University of Technology, Poland
Grant: Endeavour Scholarship and Fellowship, Australia Awards
Supervisor: Professor Gangadhara Prusty
Duration of stay: 1/2/2018 – 30/6/2018

Kamila Kustron

Visiting Senior Research Fellow

Project Title: Research on verification and validation of FEM modelling development of delamination resulted by low-speed impact for AFP fabricated C/PEEK composite shell.
Abstract: An initiation-propagation FEM model of the delamination with progressive damage phenomenon inclusion in a flat and curved laminate shells of carbon reinforced thermoset and thermoplastic polymer composites are under consideration in the research. Interlaminar and intralaminar, adhesive and cohesive bondings are included. The smart diagnostic technology based on AE&FBG-SHM system is used for an assessment of the progressive damage phenomenon.

University: Warsaw University of Technology (Warsaw, Poland)
Grant: Erasmus Mundus - Pacific Atlantic Network for Technical Higher Education and Research – PANTHER – programme
Supervisor: Professor Gangadhara Prusty
Duration of stay: 26/12/2017 – 16/07/2018

Marina Plöckl

Exchange Research Student

Project Title: Characterization of the influence of placement rate on the mechanical properties of laser-assisted AFP composite laminates by means of in-situ mircoCT compression tests.
Abstract: Automated Fiber Placement (AFP) of composite materials has great potential to become an manufacturing technology for components of high volume applications. Parts of thermoplastic composites can be fully processed with this technology by in-situ consolidation of the material via laser heating. This ability to manufacture composite parts without an out-of-autoclave (OOA) process potentially saves high running and capital costs that are associated with autoclaves. However, to obtain autoclave-level mechanical properties via AFP is still challenging. In this study unidirectional carbon-fiber-reinforced PEEK laminates, manufactured by laser-assisted AFP with different placement rates, are compared. The mechanical behavior of the composite laminates are analyzed by means of in-situ microCT compression tests. The focus of these measurements is especially on the distribution and geometry of the voids within the material and the failure initiation under compression.

University: Technical University of Munich
Scholorship: TUM Graduate School and Faculty Graduate Center Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Munich (TUM)
Supervisor: Professor Paul Compston
Duration of stay: 12/02/2018 – 06/04/2018