AFP process for manufacturing thermoplastic composites

Understanding the impact behaviour of marine composites for propellers

Optimisation of AFP parameters for improved impact-resistant composite

In-plane and Oblique Impact on Thick Laminates

The effect of thickness, curvature and inter-ply angle on LVI response

Repeated LVI Damage Progression of CF/PEEK

The fourth AMAC Annual Meet took place on 10-September 2021 between 14:00 to 17:45. AMAC members, Research Team, ARC Team, Partner Investigators, and Industry partners were convened by videoconference.

The Centre Director, Prof. Gangadhara Prusty welcomed the delegates and thanked the AMAC team members for their support and guidance throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic year. Mr. Iain Walker was the host of the online Meet. The 4th Annual Meet was opened by Prof. Iain Gibson, Deputy Dean of Engineering, UNSW SYDNEY. He congratulated the performance of AMAC in the last 4 years exciting journey for the novel research work conducted, developing world-class researchers and building the capability and credibility for making Australia leading in composites technology. Automated manufacturing techniques with world-class agile technologies at AMAC has enabled Australia to become more competitive and bring in sovereign manufacturing capabilities.

Dr. Marlene Kanga was the invited speaker who is a Non-Executive Director of Sydney Water Corporation, Air Services Australia, Standards Australia and Business Events Sydney. She was the 2013 National President of Engineers Australia and Council member from 2007-2014. She presented an overview of the technology and wealth created by a top company around the world. She discussed the positive correlation between engineering capacity and GDP of various countries along with Australia. She stressed upon the innovation strengths and weaknesses of Australia which needs to be focused upon.

Prof. Gangadhara Prusty presented the AMAC Centre – Year past and ahead. AMAC secured additional funding of $4.2M in the last 4 years through various industrial projects over and above ARC funding. Focus on Industry 4.0 was also discussed, and a brief outline was presented on the various research grants pending decision. AMAC Education will be implemented in the coming days to train and develop managers/engineers from industry to be trained on composites.

The five Program Managers presented the research and industry updates over the past year. Dr. Peter Kreider, Dr. Silvano Sommacal and Dr. Chris Stokes Griffin from ANU-Canberra presented on the Material Enhancement, Material Characterisation and Process-Property Optimisation portfolios respectively. From UNSW, Dr. Matthew Donough discussed the Simulation & Performance Prediction activities, Dr. Md Shamsuddoha presented the Design, Integration and Optimisation portfolio, Dr. Ebrahim Oromiehie provided updates on the various AFP projects while Dr. Raju presented on the Biomaterials development portfolio.

The future of AMAC Centre – SoMAC was presented by Prof. Tim Senden and was discussed by Prof. Gangadhara Prusty focusing on the four core pillars along with additional segments in each pillar. The SoMAC Centre is aimed at a self-sustained centre beyond 2022.

PhD student interactive posters were discussed and the next one hour was focused on the overall feedback, comments, and questionnaire.

Prof. Gangadhara Prusty concluded the meeting by thanking ARC, Partner investigators, Chief Investigators, Industry partners, Program Managers, and Research students for their continued support.

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